Developer Recruitment.

Our expertise lies in building tech teams that can
develop and harness React Native technology.


Our Approach

We build architecture solutions that help our clients define their problems, make informed decisions easily, successfully manage change, as well as efficiently scale their apps.

Recruitment Strategy

The teams we build are both efficient and effective, allowing our clients to switch developers at any point without incurring any extra fees. Each team member receives ongoing support from our Aurity developer community and will always be up-to-date with our current knowledge and experience.


The option to hire the team in-houseThe option to hire the team in-house
A full-time, scalable team of developersA full-time, scalable team of developers
Competitive fee structure and vetted developersCompetitive fee structure and vetted developers


Expand Your Development Team Quickly

Hire a React Native Developer

We provide highly-skilled
developers to companies that
need help scaling or leading their
development team.

One of the biggest challenges that companies face is selecting and training the best talent to achieve their objectives in a short period of time. We solve this issue by assembling the right talent for each project through our highly-skilled community of Aurity developers. Utilizing our strategic recruitment process, we recruit only the top developers who are passionate about creating value, thinking differently and working in a dynamic startup culture.

Select the best developer for your project

React Native Developer Skill Set

Skill Set

Choose the required skills of the developer for your project.

React Native Developer Level of Experience

Level of Experience

Select the level of developer you require, choose from junior developers to CTOs and Architects.

React Native Developer Time Zone

Time Zone

Our developers work from all over the world. It is up to you to choose where your team will be located.

Flexible Fees for React Native Developers

Flexible Fees

Let us know your budget and we will put together the appropriate team for you.

Type of Contract for React Native Developers

Type of Contract

Hire developers for a minimum of three months or, alternatively, hire them permanently.


Our Hiring Process

Sourcing Strategy

Analyzing the strategy and predictions towards the new project, customer’s needs, and hiring plans.


Candidate Shortlisting

Selecting candidates with a great resume that have submitted an exceptional introduction video of themselves.


Coding Challenge

We have prepared a complex coding task for developers, that can take up to 8 hours.


Live Coding

Choosing top candidates to join a pair session. The pair session is where developers code live, in front of our team for 2 hours.


Candidate Introduction

Final decision and introduction to the client. At this stage the client will have the opportunity to meet the candidates and verify their skills.


Onboarding Process

For each chosen candidate we include a 1-2 week onboarding process where we train them, brief them on the project and the client’s company culture.



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